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Amazon Goes After Grocery Business

Thursday, December 08, 2016

By HFF Public Relations Coordinator Kimberly Steele “What would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want, and just go?” That’s what Amazon asked itself four years ago, according to the introduction video for the e-commerce juggernaut’s brick-and-mortar grocery shopping concept, Amazon Go. In early 2017, Seattle residents will be able to enter the 1,200-square-foot Amazon Go location at 2131 7th Avenue; open their Amazon Go app; choose from a selection of ready-to-eat and bakery items, grocery staples and meal kits; and then…exit. The app tracks items through a web of sensors and artificial intelligence and then checks the shopper out automatically with a tap on turnstile-like structures at the entrances and exits. Amazon refers to their technology as “Just Walk Out” technology. Though Amazon did not release specific details,... [Read More]


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